Refer to DoE Book Circle Schedule page for details for each month. (Maybe you're already on this page. :-)

  • Two chapters of the book per month.
  • Two sets of calls each month, during the second full week and fourth full week.
    • Second-week calls are odd chapters.
    • Fourth-week calls are even chapters.
  • Two calls for each book chapter, at different times/days, to maximize accessibility to at least one call for everyone. It's expected that most people will only attend one call per set, and we'll cross-coordinate with a few bridge people or via chat.
  • Currently, Tuesday calls are at 8pm UTC, and Thursday calls are at 6pm UTC, although the times may shift seasonally. Check the Dawn of Everything Chat Channel a few days before the call to confirm -- Pete will post the time and timezone conversion links, and notes / agenda links there.
  • Each call 90 minutes long.

April 2022

2nd week (of 11 April)

Chapter 1. Farewell to Humanity's Childhood - Or, why this is not a book about the origins of inequality

4th week (of 25 April)

Chapter 2. Wicked Liberty - The indigenous critique and the myth of progress

May 2022

2nd week (of 9 May)

Chapter 3. Unfreezing the Ice Age - In and out of chains: the protean possibilities of human politics

4th week (of 23 May)

Chapter 4. Free People, the Origin of Cultures, and the Advent of Private Property - (Not necessarily in that order)

June 2022

2nd week (of 13 June)

Chapter 5. Many Seasons Ago - Why Canadian foragers kept slaves and their Californian neighbours didn't; or, the problem with 'modes of production'

4th week (of 27 June)

Chapter 6. Gardens of Adonis - The revolution that never happened: how Neolithic peoples avoided agriculture

July 2022

2nd week (of 11 July)

Chapter 7. The Ecology of Freedom - How farming first hopped, stumbled and bluffed its way around the world

4th week (of 25 July)

Chapter 8. Imaginary Cities - Eurasia's first urbanites in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley, Ukraine and China and how they built cities without kings

August 2022

2nd week (of 8 August)

Chapter 9. Hiding in Plain Sight - The indigenous origins of social housing and democracy in the Americas

4th week (of 22 August)

Chapter 10. Why the State Has No Origin - The humble beginnings of sovereignty, bureaucracy and politics

September 2022

2nd week (of 12 September)

Chapter 11. Full Circle - On the historical foundations of the indigenous critique

4th week (of 26 September)

Chapter 12. Conclusion - The dawn of everything