1 Farewell to Humanity's Childhood

Or, why this is not a book about the origins of inequality

2 Wicked Liberty

The indigenous critique and the myth of progress

3 Unfreezing the Ice Age

In and out of chains: the protean possibilities of human politics

4 Free People, the Origin of Cultures, and the Advent of Private Property

(Not necessarily in that order)

5 Many Seasons Ago

Why Canadian foragers kept slaves and their Californian neighbours didn't; or, the problem with 'modes of production'

6 Gardens of Adonis

The revolution that never happened: how Neolithic peoples avoided agriculture

7 The Ecology of Freedom

How farming first hopped, stumbled and bluffed its way around the world

8 Imaginary Cities

Eurasia's first urbanites in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley, Ukraine and China and how they built cities without kings

9 Hiding in Plain Sight

The indigenous origins of social housing and democracy in the Americas

10 Why the State Has No Origin

The humble beginnings of sovereignty, bureaucracy and politics

11 Full Circle

On the historical foundations of the indigenous critique

12 Conclusion

The dawn of everything